Monday, July 2, 2012

Frizz Ease Bzz Campaign

So I tried this Frizz Ease product that I was sent to try from Bzz Agent. I am usual skeptical of hair products I think there is a lot of hype for not much affect but it really truly kept the frizz down. I was surprised and it smelled good also. I received coupons to use so I will be on the look out for some dtore coupons to stack with them and if any of you are interested in coupons just let me know, I can mail them out.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Write the Company!

Some of the couponing sites that I follow talk about writing the companies and letting them know your honest opinion about their products. I highly suggest this after trying this several times. For a couple of reasons, first of all you are helping the company by letting them know what you like or dislike about their product, secondly they MAY send you coupons. I have only ran across one company that said "thanks" and no coupons accompanied the letter. I am posting this today though because I was having problems with my DS Pampers leaking. I wrote the company and received wonderful coupons to try a different size (they enclosed info about possible reasons). Well we went up a size and still had the issue so I wrote back. They suggested maybe different styles of the brand and again sent the same wonderful coupons! So with those coupons I went to Target for the diaper deal they have this week. Buy 2 packs of huggies or pampers @ $29.99 and receive a $15 gift card. With the coupons Pampers sent, and the $2 off each box that were Target coupons I paid $36 out of pocket and then got a $15 gift card which paid for all of my other groceries. Huggies has also sent me coupons that has resulted in free wipes, and other companies for free items. So to wrap it up whether the experience is good or bad write the company and let them know.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FREE Subscription to Lego Club Magazine

The Lego company now has a rewards program similiar to Babies R Us or Build A Bear, It is called Lego VIP. You get a point for each dollar you spend and after 100 points you get a $10 voucher. It is free to sign up and when you do you can get your child a free subscription to the Lego Magazine. I don't know about you but my little guy loves to get mail! This is great because it doesn't require you to enter credit card information either like some subscription sites let you do. My son has been receiving his now for about a year and he loves it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Blog Award

So I received my first blog award recently and have yet to get caught up enough to sit and write about it. I love keeping up with deals but with a one year old and seven year old this is harder than I thought. Not only has my blogging slowed way down but so has my actual couponing. While I hate that I have neglected this I needed to be doing mommy things more and I don't regret that. So with that being said and the house being quite let me begin. The deal with the award is you give props to the blogger who awarded you, then list 7 things about yourself, then pass the award along to 5 other bloggers.
So to begin, I would like to thank Katie at This Mom's Heart for my award.
Secondly, seven things about myself:
1. I am a SAHM have been lucky enough to have been most of my kiddos life but I am glad that I also got to experience a full time working mom's life also so I can sympathize.
2. I have 2 children here and a 3rd in heaven, it was a miscarriage between our first and our last baby. Thanks to my faith and my family I was able to move on and use that as a learning tool to hopefully help other women in that position.
3. I am the oldest of 5 kids the youngest still a young teen.
4. I love gardening and crafting and would probably do it all the time if possible.
5. I have been married almost 10 years to a cop and would have it no other way. That is also a life lesson that if all goes accordingly I will be able to use to help others as well.
6. I met my best friend while our husbands were in the Marine Corp and I am grateful everyday to have her in my life.
7. I love to shoot guns! It is a great stress reliever and so much fun!

Next, the 5 blogs I feel deserve an award:
1. Paper & Pigtails because of her wonderful and free allergy stickers and cards for kids. May not seem like a big deal to those whose children don't have allergies but it is scary sometimes and I thought this was amazing.
2. Girl In Air is my next pick because I think she is a wonderful fellow crafts woman and I have gotten many a wonderful idea from her! You will Love her blog!
3.Couponing For 4 is the 3rd. She list great deals often and I love to read about them. I love deals!!
4. Fly Lady,  she is WONDERFUL for getting organized and I am currently following her plan. Just started recently and hoping to be as well organized as she is.
5. Last but not least I choose Juggling With Kids, she has wonderful craft and activites to do with your children and I love reading them and finding things for me to enjoy with my children.

Thanks again and go check out these awesome sites!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Disney Store, free shipping and up to 25% off

The Disney Store is offering up % off anda free shipping today. The more you spend the bigger the percentage off is. Free shipping all day on all orders.

Amazon up to 40% off Melissa & Doug toys

 This is 35% off but this is really fun. Magnetic dress up doll/ action figure. :) These are really neat and I haven't brought these to a party yet that they weren't enjoyed. Again free shipping!

Amazon vtech preschool deal

 I believe this was $10 on black friday but if you didn't snag one here is one that is a few dollars more but it is super cute and ships right to your door for free!